ZenRobotics Care has a very long warranty period for ZenRobotics Recycler. Local ZenRobotics Care partners also take part in the ZenRobotics Care service, as needed. The maintenance contract for ZenRobotcs Care comes in two flavors: Comprehensive and Basic.

Comprehensive Maintenance Contract

The Comprehensive contract guarantees easy operation and steady, predictable maintenance costs. ZenRobotics takes care of the ZRR system 24/7/365. The customer can easily calculate the maintenance investment for the following years of robotic recycling.

Basic Maintenance Contract

The Basic contract level is based on time and materials. All labor, travel and other actual costs are invoiced. The Basic level is an option for customers who already have an some maintenance force at their disposal and want the flexibility to organize preventive maintenance and repair operations. Naturally the maintenance costs in the Basic contract are not strictly predictable.

Note! ZRR Spare parts are not included in the Basic contract.

Order Maintenance

Use the form below to order any type of ZenRobotics Recycler maintenance you might require. Our maintenance experts will contact you shortly.

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