5 June 2012 Juho Malmberg appointed CEO of ZenRobotics

The board of ZenRobotics Ltd., the Finnish high-tech company specializing in recycling robotics and artificial intelligence, today announced the appointment of Mr Juho Malmberg as the company’s new CEO. Juho Malmberg will join ZenRobotics on 1 July 2012.

Mr Malmberg’s previous positions include e.g. Managing director of Accenture Finland and Executive VP of Customer Experience and Member of the Executive Board, KONE Corporation.

Jorma Eloranta, ZenRobotics’s Chairman of the Board: “Juho Malmberg has a strong record in international busi-ness at KONE Corporation. Mr Malmberg is known for his analytical but in the same time pragmatic leadership style. In my view, he’s a splendid addition to the ZenRobotics dream team.”

Juho Malmberg comments: “I take up this position with great enthusiasm. Most successful businesses are driven by a global megatrend. For ZenRobotics, there are actually two: the huge growth of waste around the world and the starting revolution of intelligent robotics. The company’s main product, ZenRobotics Recycler™, is a revolu-tionary solution which intensifies recycling globally. The system utilizes robots to reclaim valuable raw materials from a waste stream, for sale. Each kilo of raw materials picked out of the stream also reduces the landfilling costs of the customer”, describes Malmberg, with obvious excitement.

The interim CEO of ZenRobotics, Rainer Rehn, resumes his duties as the officer in charge of commercialization.
“I enjoyed my time as the CEO, but I’ve always felt my true strengths are in the organization of international sales operations. Now I’m back at doing the job that is my true passion”, grins a happy Rainer Rehn.

ZenRobotics Ltd. is a Finnish high-end cleantech company, based in Helsinki. In the 24-strong company one in three employee holds a PhD. The company’s main product is ZenRobotics Recycler, an AI-controlled robotic recycling system, which reclaims valuable raw materials from waste streams. The system is marketed globally, through a reseller network in place in 49 countries.



Communications Manager Timo Haanpää tel. +358 45 259 6161

Chief Executive Officer Juho Malmberg, tel. +358 400 601301