Advantages of ZenRobotics Recycler

Reduce the labor cost

Robots are designed to replace a large number of man hours per year. And once the robots are installed, they will go on sorting, with stamina and year after year.

Increase profit of recyclables

The very pure fractions robots make yield better prices and easier sales of the sorted materials. Robots might also make it possible to sort all new fractions!

Reduce residue waste cost

Reducing the amount of waste sent to incineration, landfill or competitors directly results in considerable savings. As the cost of extra robotic working hours is negligible, you can sort also materials that so far were not profitable to sort, thus much reducing the amount of residue waste.

Increase uptime and capital efficiency

Robotic systems are today extremely durable with minimal need for maintenance. A human sorter will become tired in a matter of hours and will need coffee breaks, lunch breaks, cigarette breaks – and humans might not appear at the workplace every morning! However, a robotic system will keep on operating robustly, and around the clock if needed. Your business controller would call that high capital efficiency!

Improve safety at work

Manual sorting can be very dangerous due to e.g. the microbes, toxins, and sharp and heavy items present in waste. There are many risks employers take by using human hand sorters, if the working conditions are not superbly good. Robots again do not even have a labor union – well not yet!

Use Best Available Technology (BAT)

The owner of a ZenRobotics Recycler provenly utilizes the most modern materials recovery technology that has a very small environmental impact. The system is certainly Best Available Technology (BAT), which is either an absolute requirement for or might include many advantages in public bids – and in for example various permission processes and authorizations.

Increase profits by decentralizing

The ZRR is possible to set up also in small, easily scalable units, thus much reducing the cost of transportation to centralized plants. The ZRR is an ideal solution also for small transfer stations.

Increase profit by single stream collection

Many waste streams are not necessary to source separate anymore, since the ZRR can at low cost and with high precision sort the waste into the needed fractions.

Get new clients and much goodwill

Of course the use of robotic technology is a potent draw for national and international media interest. Just do some googling and see what media interest ZenRobotics robots get. You can easily gain similar goodwill to your business by using robots! Be the good guy with the coolest  gadgets – and thus get new clients and better prices! You might even finance the investment into your ZenRobotic Recycler from your marketing budget!