Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I get more information on the ZenRobotics Recycler?

A: The most up-to-date source for all information regarding ZenRobotics Recycler and ZenRobotics Ltd. is the company Web site

For further information, you may choose to browse the ZenRobotics international distributors, e-mail the ZenRobotics international sales team at [email protected] or call the ZRR Sales Hotline +358 50 4363 803

Q: What is ZenRobotics Recycler?

A: ZenRobotics Recycler is a robotic recycling system for sorting Construction and Demolition (CND) waste. The full system consists of a conveyor belt, a sensors package, the artificial intelligence (AI) powered control system ZenRobotics Brain(tm), and an industrial robot arm inside a safety enclosure.

Q: Where and when can I see ZenRobotics Recycler in operation?

A: The ZenRobotics Recycler system has been operational since February 2011 at ZenRobotics’s site in Helsinki, Finland. Fill in the ZRR site visit form to schedule a visit to see it all with your own eyes!

Q: Does the system require pre-shredder only, or any additional machinery?

A: Currently an excavator is preparing the input material, ie. removing large objects. An alternative solution would be to use a rough pre-shredder turning the infeed into 400 – 700 mm in size (and possibly screening out for example smaller than 60 mm material).

Q: What is the capacity of ZenRobotics Recycler?

A: At minimum, the system reclaims 12.000 tons of raw materials per year.

The reach of the robot allows a 2 m wide sorting belt. The robot can lift objects weighing about 10 kg. The capacity is calculated for a cycle time of 3–4 seconds and 2-8 kg object weight, which results in a capacity of approx. 10 tons per hour. If the plant allows the robot to work some 6000 hrs, the capacity would be 12.000–60.000 tons per year, min capacity being pessimistic and max capacity being optimistic.

Q: How much does the ZenRobotics Recycler system cost?

A: ZenRobotics Recycler installations are necessarily customized to the specific plant or operation in question. The final cost depends on what auxiliary systems (e.g. conveyors, feeders) are already installed at the plant. The delivery time for ZenRobotics Recycler is 6-9 months from order.

Q: Is ZenRobotics Recycler available for piloting and testing?

A: Not at the moment, you must order one and make a down payment. In the future a piloting option is likely to be offered, however.

Q: What are the operating costs?

A: The electricity cost is extremely low, approximately 1€ per hour. The software maintenance fee is 0,8 % of purchase price per month. For the hardware maintenance ZenRobotics is happy to make you an offer! Note when compared to traditional waste processing machinery, robotic systems suffer minimal wear and tear.

Q: What maintenance is required for the system?

A: The ZRR system is maintained with a typical industrial maintenance program, mostly comprising of regular checks. ZenRobotics also offers its customers the ZenRobotics Care support services which include phone support, on-line diagnostic capability, and a spare parts service.

Q: Are similar robots in use somewhere?

A: Yes! For example the automotive industry uses the exact same robots. In fact, it is mainly thanks to the advances in robotics which enable the manufacturing industry to enjoy e.g. 24/7 operation and minimal downtime.

Q: Is it possible to get spreadsheets, feasibility and capacity calculations for ZRR?

A: Certainly, the ZenRobotics Sales team is pleased to offer a great range of supporting documentation for anyone interested. Contact [email protected] for further information!

Q: Are there any problems sorting e.g. waste with dirt, contaminated earth or biodegrades?

A: No, the ZRR system makes use of efficient pre-processing for an optimised waste stream, removing e.g. light waste fractions and two-dimensional objects such as films and cardboard. However, currently the ZenRobotics Recycler system is only designed for Construction and Demolition (CND) waste, which typically does not even contain e.g. biodegradables. The ZRR technology itself is certainly capable of handling most types of solid waste streams.

Q: Is it possible to place the ZRR system outside in e.g. low temperatures?

A: But of course! The ZRR system has been developed in Helsinki, Finland, and operated since 2011, at outdoor temperatures ranging from +25C to -25C. Hey, that’s one mighty temperature difference of 50 Celsius!

Q: Is it necessary to have personnel operating the ZRR?

A: Since a robotic recycling system is, by definition, autonomous, there is no need to assign e.g. a dedicated operator to the ZRR. However, since the ZRR system is a part of a sorting line, the regular process monitoring also covers the ZRR. And for maintenance purposes, the system is remotely tracked by ZenRobotics.