ZenRobotics Brain is the name of the robot control technology developed by ZenRobotics. This advanced control system utilizes multiple sensor inputs in realtime, reacts to changes and learns from its mistakes. The sensors include e.g. various camera types (visible light, spectrometric cameras like NIR), 3D scanners, haptics, metal detectors etc. With enough sensors, ZenRobotics Brain can form a more comprehensive view of the waste stream than has so far been possible.

Using enormous amounts of sensor data, ZenRobotics Recycler can identify wanted items and raw materials from the waste stream and reclaim them for recycling. The ZenRobotics Brain is tasked with analysing and refining the sensor data into useful information using realtime data mining technology.

Inspired by the human brain

A part of the ZenRobotics Brain control technology is an algorithm that is modeled on the real-life function of the human cerebellum. The cerebellum is responsible for e.g. the timing of our movements, fine-tuning, and overall coordination, whereas higher brain functions, for example the planning of the body’s movements, is performed by the cerebral cortex.