ZRR Smart Gripper

Robust enough robotic grippers for handling waste streams have not so far been available off-the-shelf. ZenRobotics has for years developed robotic grippers for this application area. The end result is ZRR Smart Gripper, the first gripper in the world that is designed specifically for large size C&D and C&I waste.

Industrial automation typically deals with known and structured environments where collisions with the target material are always an exception and a reason to halt the system. The application area of robotic waste sorting, however, is more rough-and-tumble. The gripper manipulates objects, sometimes even without exact knowledge of their location, shape, or composition. The patented ZenRobotics technology provides for a gripper which maintains its rigidity during regular gripping actions, but yields elastically in case of collisions. Further, with the help of a plethora of sensors embedded in the ZRR Smart Gripper, the artificial intelligence in the ZenRobotics Brain robot control system tries to minimize the collisions.